lindal-logoWe are Atlantic Custom Homes, the New York area’s premier Lindal Cedar Homes independent dealer and a member of Lindal’s President’s Club. We believe that each customer’s home should be the realization of their unique personal expression, taking into account preferences, lifestyle, the site, and, of course, budget. We spend as much time as necessary to explore your wishes, develop your design, and remain with you throughout the entire building process, helping you set up the best possible infrastructure for building a beautiful, quality home within your budget. We also handle any customer service issues throughout the Lindal Lifetime Structural Warranty.


  • The Elements of (Modernist) Style: The Flat Roof’s Lasting Impact on Contemporary Design

    Bet you didn’t know that when German-American architect Mies Van Der Rohe famously said “Less is more,” he was talking about the roof of your house. Van Der Rohe was a pioneering voice in Modernist design and architecture, which we know and love today thanks......

  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Building Your Own Home

    By Chronogram Partner Content Team and Atlantic Custom Homes The Rolling Stones taught us that sometimes, if you can’t always get what you want, you’ll get what you need. The same often holds true when it comes to building a home, where your dreams might not match your......

  • Lindal’s Custom, Pre-engineered Homes: The Best of Both Worlds

    When most people set out to build a home, the options often seem split into two camps: find an architect and embark on the long and costly journey of designing and building from scratch, or opt for a prefabricated home from a limited portfolio of......

  • Is a ‘Kit’ Home Pre-Fab?

    The term Pre-Fab is a catchall for all systems-built houses that are manufactured to some degree in a factory, and includes kit homes, panelized homes, and modular homes.  Lindal’s pre-engineered Post & Beam homes are essentially “Kit” homes where Lindal provides all the materials for......


Pitched roofs, walls of windows, open floor plans, and enduring Post & Beam construction.

Modern simplicity. Efficiency. Beauty. Quality Materials.

Enlist the talent of world-renowned architects who have created these designs exclusively for Lindal.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian house plans, the Lindal Imagine Series consists of respectful modern translations of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian homes.

Unique, award-winning modern designs that capture the imagination.


The Quick Ship program features a collection of best-selling Classic and Modern plans that have been drawn to the final permit stage and have a menu of revisions that can be made to personalize your home in an efficient and cost-effective manner. They are sold at a discount — subject to certain conditions — and can ship much faster than our more customized home packages. Click here for more details.