How to Save Money in Times of Rising Building Costs

We’ve seen the cost of building materials and labor rise in the last few years, as demand has increased and contractor availability can be an issue. Natural disasters and tariffs have made wood more expensive, all other materials needed to build and finish your home have increased in price, and labor has become more expensive and in greater demand.

You could wait a few years in hopes that costs come down, but in our experience, they never do, and you’ve lost that time to enjoy your home. Since all our homes are custom designed for you, your site and your budget, here’s some ideas to save money when you build your custom home.

Efficient Design: Since the ultimate cost of your project will depend on size, consider layouts that are more space-efficient, i.e. rooms only as big as they need to be, and circulation space (hallways) kept to a minimum. Multi-story homes are more cost-efficient than ranch designs, since the roof area is the same and wall area is reduced.

Listen to the Site: Your building site may offer ways to reduce building costs. For example, if the site is sloped, it’s a great idea to build a daylight, or walkout lower level that can be used for any purpose even bedrooms. It is much less expensive to build than the above-grade space, and uses the same roof area (saves on energy costs as well). Speaking of energy costs, we also look for ways to place the house on the site and orient it to maximize passive solar and the best placement of solar panels.

Keep it Simple: While a multitude of corners and complex roof systems add architectural interest, they also add cost. Modern designs, with flat or low-pitched shed roofs are less expensive to build. The Lindal Elements series are examples of combining efficient design and beauty.

Plan for the Future: In designing your home, we can “build in” the ability to add to the home in the future, in ways that will not disturb the use of the home during construction.

Build Off Season: Contractors like to stay busy year-round, so we often suggest timing your build over the winter months. Concrete can be poured in any season, and having the Lindal materials delivered late in the year allows the contractor to frame the structure to give his crew a sheltered place to work.

Atlantic Custom Homes works with you through all phases of the project, from finding and developing land, though design, construction and finishing. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, so call or visit us.

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