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Founded in 1983, Ossining-based Atlantic Custom Homes is led by third-generation owners Jennifer and Pascal Smith Couti. For over 30 years, we have been one of the top Lindal dealerships, and a member of Lindal’s prestigious President’s Club.

We have become experts at translating our clients’ lifestyle and budgetary requirements into efficient designs that fit their unique personalities using Lindal’s legendary post & beam building system. To help our clients create a home that truly feels like them, we custom-design most of our clients’ homes using 3D design software, which allows them to “live” in their space before they make any commitment to build.

From helping to identify buildable land to assisting with contractor bids, we work closely with our clients throughout the process to realize a beautiful, customized, and quality home within their budget.

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We are in love with our Lindal home. The building materials from lumber and soffits to doors and stairs are top-notch. One major advantage of working with Lindal is the network of local distributors. Their representatives work closely with you every step of the way, from the site planning stage to customizing design choices. Jennifer and Pascal are great listeners and advisers. They are committed to making sure you are 100% happy with your new home.

Hope you are both doing well! Just wanted to pass along that the dogs and I spent our first night in the house last night. We still have everything to unpack but the dogs love the dog park! And I am obsessed with the whole house. Thank you so much for helping me bring my dream home to life!

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From house planning to house building, the degree of trust and confidence that we placed in the Atlantic Custom Homes team was at the highest level. We always had the sense that they kept our satisfaction 100% in mind, and our expectations have been exceeded. We enthusiastically recommend them for their ability to deliver ‘on time and as promised’ and their wise and timely counsel on our every question.
L and DG

Atlantic Custom Homes owners Jennifer and Pascal Smith Couti came to the home design and building industry with over 30 years of experience from the corporate world, including banking, consulting, project management, and engineering. Jennifer also has an extensive background in interior design, having studied at F.I.T. in NYC in addition to years of practical application.

After meeting in New York City, the couple relocated from Brooklyn to Westchester and began renovating their newly purchased home. They quickly discovered that their shared passion for design and construction was the start of a new chapter in their careers, and they left the corporate world to start their own business designing and gut renovating their own 1952 mid-century modern home, as well as clients’ historic homes.

In 2019, they bought the Atlantic Custom Homes dealership and began putting all of their combined experience to use designing their customers’ custom Lindal homes. Today, Jennifer and Pascal bring their diverse backgrounds and expertise to every home they design, providing their clients with the confidence and know-how to build their custom dream home.

Our Team

From start to finish, Atlantic Custom Homes were incredibly patient, supportive, and informative—with great suggestions for everything from design to builders and finishes. We have wanted to build a Lindal house for 30 years and we finally have our dream come true. They were absolutely THE BEST in helping us make it happen.

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I went to sleep one night and had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt of working with wonderful people; and of creating a truly special home, a home that would be a very personal expression of ‘me,’ a home that would stand the test of time and let my soul live on long after I was gone. Only it wasn’t a dream! It was my very real new Lindal Cedar Home, most definitely created as a reflection of me, but also made so much more beautiful by Atlantic Custom Homes.


What Is the Lindal Building System?

Our homes are prefab post & beam structures, with all the materials for the weathertight structure delivered to the site for assembly and finishing by a local contractor. Each home is designed and engineered for the specific conditions of the site.

Lindal is completely custom. By designing to a 5’6” on-center measurement system, Lindal can provide more standard size products and pass more savings onto our customers. The measurement system allows for efficient use of resources and materials, meaning total flexibility, but less waste and generally better pricing, than a traditional build.

What Is Included in the Lindal “Package”?

You get a lot for the price. Included in the package is the house design, architecture, structural engineering, dealer services, and materials for the structure, including lumber, architectural-quality fir posts & beams, siding, windows, exterior and interior trim, exterior and interior doors and hardware, stairs, railings, decks, and other related materials.

You have many choices in the types of siding: windows, trim, hardware, etc. For example, there are several different styles of siding, ranging from Composite to Lindal’s beautiful Western Red Cedar. Windows can be vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum-clad wood. We have samples of everything in our office and would be happy to share them with you.

How Are These Homes Designed? Do I Need to Hire an Architect?

You do not need an outside architect. Our package includes architecture and engineering services.  We start with gathering your requirements for the type of design and size home you want to build and reviewing the features of your site. You can either review the Lindal Planbooks on or come with ideas for your own custom home. Most of our customers’ homes are designed by working with Atlantic Custom Homes to produce computer-generated 3D concepts that form the basis of the drafted, engineered plans that are completed by Lindal. These are the plans that go to your town’s Building Department for your building permit.

What Are My Design Choices?

Literally infinite. You can choose from Lindal’s timeless Classic Lindals, and the modern Lindal Elements, Lindal Architects Collaborative, and Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Imagine Series. Or you can custom design your own Lindal with Atlantic Custom Homes. We also have many houses that have been designed and engineered specifically for NY/CT and the plans are ready to go!

Because of the post & beam design, our homes are not constrained by “road width” or structural limitations like modular homes. We can create walls of glass soaring into the sky and open floor plans that maximize living enjoyment. Our philosophy is based on a belief that the human spirit thrives in a highly personalized home that reflects the passions and priorities of the homeowner.

How Long Does It Take From the Beginning of the Process to the Time I Can Move In?

The design process usually takes less than a month. Once the order is placed for the home, you can estimate about 3-4 months for Lindal to prepare the plans and then deliver the materials on site. The construction phase has many variables, but will typically be 5-12 months depending on the weather, site, and size/complexity of the home.

I Don’t Own Land Yet. What Should I Look For?

Land ultimately dictates the house design. If you are looking for a one-story house on a slab, flat property is the best choice. If you are looking to build a two-story house, or a house with a walkout basement, land with a gentle slope may be the better option for you. Other factors to consider to lower the overall price to build include length of driveway, availability of electrical and internet services, and access to city water and sewer. You should also prioritize your needs (ability to build four bedrooms) versus wants (waterfront view) when it comes to balancing your desires in land and your budget.  

How Do I Find a Contractor to Build My Lindal Home?

As part of our dealer services, we maintain a database of qualified contractors. If you have a contractor that you know or who has been recommended to you, we will interview him/her, go over the Lindal plans, and help ensure that they are capable. We review all bids with you and do our best to help you obtain the lowest price for quality work.

Can I Select My Own Finishings (Appliances, Counters, Cabinets, Fixtures, Etc.)?

Yes! We think that is part of the fun—everything in your home will be an expression of you and your tastes. You can work with your contractor to select finishes, hire an interior designer, or do it yourself.  It’s all very flexible based on how you want to approach it.

Are Your Homes Green?

Lindal is “Green from the Ground Up” in our efficient use and delivery of sustainable materials, smart placement of the home on the site, use of modern construction techniques, and advanced HVAC technology and insulation methods. Building your Lindal is an opportunity to create a highly energy-efficient home that will reward you with comfort, lower utility bills, and increased value.

Many of Your Modern Designs Feature Flat Roofs? Are Those Efficient in a Snowy Climate?

Yes. Many Lindals with flat and low-pitched roofs have been built in cold locations throughout North America, and the world. Each home is specifically engineered for the local conditions and town-specific building code, including snow load, so Lindal’s engineers take that into account when they determine the sizing of the posts & beams. And no roof is truly “flat;” the roof is framed flat, but Lindal provides a tapered insulation that allows water runoff to gutters, while appearing “flat.”

What Does It Cost for a Lindal Home?

The cost is comprised of the Lindal package plus the cost of the GC labor and any materials not included in the Lindal package. The “turnkey” cost of a Lindal home is the cost per square foot of living area for everything that goes into and under the home, including foundation, the Lindal Materials Package, construction, HVAC, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, appliances, etc. We mean everything needed to build, power, and finish a quality home with quality details, except for the cost of the land and preparing the site.

The turnkey price for an average size (2,500SF) nicely done Lindal Classic or Elements home will be $300+/SF. Pricing for other series such as the Imagine Series or Lindal Architect Collaborative can be provided upon request.

The final price depends on the design (e.g. number of windows, window types, siding) and the finishing choices you make. Contractor pricing can fluctuate somewhat due to market conditions and availability of labor. We monitor these conditions and can tell you where labor prices are across the region at any time.

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