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Requirements Gathering/Budget Determination
So much goes into determining the type of home that works best for you and your family. To get started, we often ask customers to think about the basics: What is your budget? Is it fixed or flexible to get all the “bells and whistles” you want? What style of home are you most attracted to? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you think you need? What is your initial guess at required square footage? Do you want one or two-story living? Do you have any requirements regarding the layout of rooms? We will use all of that information to help you determine the style and square footage that will work with your budget requirements.

Site Selection
Unless you already own land, site selection is key to building your dream house because the land and its topography will dictate the design of the house. We can help you determine how much you should spend on land and site work given your total budget.

A few other things to consider and research before you contract for the land:
· Whether water, power, and electric are already on the lot
· Setbacks, wetlands, and steep slopes
· Length of driveway
· Septic and well vs city water and sewer
· Removal of rocks and trees
· If desired, ability to subdivide
· Consider having perc tests done on the part of the site where you plan to build

Site Visit/Excavation Cost
Site work can make or break a building budget. If your total budget cannot withstand a potentially high site prep cost, we highly recommend that you have an excavator come give you an estimate for clearing the land, roughing in a driveway, excavating for the foundation, and completing the well and septic.

Before you close on a new lot, it’s important to have us walk your site with you. If you already have your lot, we can arrange a site visit to analyze it for you and help adapt your design to the site to minimize costly dramatic changes later in the process.

Site Approvals
Once you’ve contracted on the land, it’s important to get a surveyor and site engineer involved for pre-land approval activities. The surveyor will define the buildable area by denoting setbacks, major landmarks, and topography on the map of the land. The site engineer can help you with:
· Perc tests and Board of Health approval, in the case you need a septic system
· Site map to determine placement of the house, driveway, septic, and well
· Completing all land approval paperwork (including easements and steep slope permits) and attending town and county meetings


Your new home is a statement of your lifestyle. We will work with you to express your individual style and requirements in a custom home that meets your budget. We will also help you choose from an array of quality building materials to make your home one-of-a-kind.

Remember, if you don’t see exactly what you want in our existing homes, we can modify an existing plan or draft a completely new house for you that exactly meets your needs and budget. In fact, most of Atlantic Custom Homes’ Lindal homes are custom designed by us using 3D software. We find that if we can design a home that you get to view and tour in 3D, you will better know what it feels like to live in the home before it’s even built. Most other companies only allow you to see floorplans and elevations before you buy the home.

Materials Selection and Pricing
We have an extensive selection of materials across all budget ranges, and we will guide you through the materials selection that best fits your budget. Once your home is designed and modified to suit your needs, we will prepare a preliminary price on the Lindal package. The price includes all architecture, structural engineering, plans, dealer services, the Lindal materials package, and a structural lifetime warranty.

At this point you should also start to consider builders. We have a robust list of builders who have built Lindal homes, or we can interview a builder that you bring to the table. We can also help prepare documents if you would like to obtain an estimate from a builder before purchasing the Lindal package. Although a general contractor may give you an initial bid at this point, it is important for him/her to know more detail about HVAC, finishes, etc., in order to provide you with as complete a bid as possible that is in line with your budget.


Purchase Agreement
When you are ready to proceed, we send you the documents to complete a Lindal home order. This includes a Purchase and Sale Agreement and approved sketches. Signing these documents and sending 20% of the Lindal purchase price to Lindal gets Lindal started on drafting and engineering your Lindal home!

Pre-Building Activities
Items to complete at this stage of the process include:
· Finalizing construction financing: We have bankers who are more than happy to finance a Lindal home
· Confirming builder selection
· Finalizing land approvals


Drafting and Engineering
The drafting of your home’s construction plans is scheduled at Lindal, and you will be informed of this timeline by us. We are familiar with the requirements in your region so snow load, wind speed, and building code of your specific town are factored into the plans, which will be the ones you submit to the town for your building permit. Typically your builder will be more than accommodating in submitting your permit package to the town since they will also need to submit documents such as their builder’s license and proof of insurance.

Permitting and Site Prep
Your selected builder gets the site and foundation ready before the Lindal building materials arrive. The timing of the arrival of your Lindal home is taken into consideration with the timing of site prep. Some towns allow your builder to start site prep before you receive your building permit, while others do not. We and your builder can advise on this.

Manufacturing and Delivery
Once you receive your permit, you send the final 80% payment to Lindal and authorize Lindal to start the manufacturing process. We work with Lindal to put together a delivery schedule for your home package and shipping is arranged. We manage all logistics for the delivery with your general contractor. We give him or her all of the necessary information for a successful delivery.

Unloading the Lindal building materials is an exciting time for everyone involved in bringing your new home to life. Your Lindal home package is delivered to your building site, where the builder unloads the materials. We will be at the delivery to complete an inventory and make sure that your dream home building project is off to a strong start. It is critical that you obtain insurance to protect you and your home during the build, just as it would be vital to have homeowner’s insurance once the house is completed.


The foundation is complete and your Lindal home has been delivered. The contractor now begins framing your home, which includes: exterior walls and interior partitions, floor system, posts and beams, roof, windows and doors, exterior siding and trim, soffits, and fascia.

Framing is completed, windows and doors are installed, and your home is weather tight. Finish materials not provided by Lindal have been selected by you (or an interior designer) and installed by your builder, including: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, insulation, drywall, interior finishes, bathrooms, and kitchens.

You will be given a certificate of occupancy (COO) from your local building department once construction is complete. Once you have your COO, Lindal provides a Lifetime Structural warranty. We, your dealer, remain your best resource even after the build. Should you have questions or any customer service questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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