Is a ‘Kit’ Home a Prefab?

The term Pre-Fab is a catchall for all systems-built houses that are manufactured to some degree in a factory, and includes kit homes, panelized homes, and modular homes.  Lindal’s pre-engineered Post & Beam homes are essentially “Kit” homes where Lindal provides all the materials for the structure to be assembled by a local contractor, not built in a factory and shipped complete or in large sections.  The advantages of a Lindal home over a Pre-Fab or modular home are many.  To start with, we – as the local Lindal Dealer – visit the site to evaluate the best design to take advantage of the site’s natural features and for cost and energy efficiency.  We then create the design with you to make sure it works for your site, lifestyle and budget.  Our designs typically have open concept floor plans and walls of glass, features that are not possible with Pre-Fab because of their very nature of production, and by the fact that room sizes are limited by road lane width.  Also, Pre-Fabs often can’t be delivered to your site due to physical limitations, while our homes can be brought to the site in manageable pieces.

Quality control, cost and energy efficiency are also advantages of a Lindal Cedar Home.  Lindal uses premium grade lumber, plywood (not particle board), engineered components, architectural quality posts & beams, and, unlike most Pre-Fab companies, Lindal offers a wide range of exterior finishes, windows and doors, including beautiful Western Red Cedar siding, windows and trim.  Our homes are engineered for your specific local conditions, such as wind and snow loads.  Only Lindal offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty.  Delivery costs (included in the price of the Lindal Package) are usually less than Pre-Fab because of instead of shipping empty “boxes” the Lindal materials are packaged very efficiently and shipped by rail and truck to your site.

Pre-Fab often come with pre-installed appliances, counters, cabinets, etc.  With our homes, you are free to select any interior components, so, like the design of the home itself, you have complete control and can have exactly what you want within your budget.

Lastly, no other company that we know of offers you the full services of a local dealer, such as Atlantic Custom Homes, knowledgeable about local building issues to guide you through the entire process of designing and building your beautiful home.

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