Green From the Ground Up

In building a new home, you can be green without spending a lot of it. From smart placement of the home to powering it with alternative energy partially paid for with tax credits and other incentives, building new is an excellent opportunity to make green choices that have a healthy impact on your family and the planet.

The Site: We carefully site the home for passive solar efficiency, utilizing trees for summer shade, and positioning garages to deflect winter wind. Where possible, we take advantage of sloping terrain to build living space into a hillside that is naturally temperate year round, but with our building and design techniques, is bright and dry living space.

The Design: We develop the design with you to position expanses of high-performance glass that maximizes natural light, and winter solar gain; deep overhangs and shading devices control summer sun. Open floor plans add spaciousness to compact designs. And each of our homes is designed specifically to work with the features of the site.

The Build: We encourage modern framing and insulation techniques, coupled with healthy interior materials, and the use of alternative energy sources. Geothermal provides heating and cooling without fossil fuels, and solar PV can provide a portion of your electrical needs. We are Certified Green Professionals so we can guide you through all the smart choices you can make.

Lindal designs livability into every square foot of our homes, giving our clients the pleasures, efficiencies, and convenience of a smaller footprint with less impact on the environment. That, combined with all the inherent efficiencies of the Lindal building System, helps you create a custom home that is not only good for you and the environment, it’s a great value.

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