Atlantic Custom Homes Featured in Journal of the Taliesin Fellows

From Journal of the Taliesin Fellows, Winter 2020, Issue 58, pp.58-59

“Nicki and Mark Thorogood, with Jennifer and Pascal Smith Couti of Atlantic Custom Homes (a Lindal dealer in New York), have worked with me to develop a home design for their family at the Usonia Historic District in Mt. Pleasant, NY. The design — the first in a while to be proposed in the unique neighborhood — customizes the Lindal elements building system for meeting the high standards and regulations of Usonia. The Design Review Committee has already approved the design enthusiastically, making a special mention of my connection and history with Taliesin. In addition to responding to the wishes and needs of the Thorogoods, the design enhances the site of a previous structure and develops down a slope to minimize its visible profile towards the street. The Lindal elements system utilizes a grid in three dimensions, much in the spirit of the usonian system, resulting in beautifully- proportioned spaces. Large repeat window openings and exposed post/beam structure further combine the two traditions into a contemporary home.”

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