We live “down a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country”

When our daughter was in her toddlerhood, nothing would keep her raptly attuned to reading than stories in the Berenstain Bears series of childrens’ books: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Li’l Bear “lived down a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country,” and the tales-with-a-moral were integral to our early parenting.

A few years later, the dozens of Berenstain Bears paperback books having been passed along to friends, the early part of our retirement planning was put in motion with the purchase of a rural homesite in the Berkshires… definitely “Bear Country,” but certainly not “deep” therein. That was 1999.

Next: What to build there? In search of answers, we attended a “log home show” not far from our Brooklyn NY residence. There, what stood out among the many vendors of log packages and accoutrements, was the stunningly-produced Lindal Cedar Homes exhibit—not really “logs”, but so much more… Thus began our focus on the look and feel of the signature Lindal product, deemed perfect for Bear Country.

Most bearlike, as time brought us closer to decision making on retirement locale, Western Massachusetts simultaneously was deemed “not deep enough in Bear Country” for us, as well as “too cold” (like the other 3 Bears’ porridge). Result: the hills of Western Massachusetts were traded for a 3800’ elevation site on a sunny dirt road in Western North Carolina, where “We Support the Right to Arm Bears” is a favorite T-shirt slogan. Next job: fit our living requirements to a location affording 20 mile mountain views with a southeastern exposure—a floor plan and elevation custom- designed for the site, bearing the classic look that is so very Lindal.

Converting this evolving situation to reality became the job of Atlantic Custom Homes, our local Lindal dealer. Following our initial consultation with the Lindal design chief (including his site visit to our land in Waynesville and production of the initial conceptual design), the job of turning our dreams to reality fell to Atlantic Custom Homes. Focusing on conversion of the architect’s rough-but-stunning ideas, they worked with the Seattle-based design crew to create a cost-effective, finely detailed design customized to the realities of the exposure and the mountainous terrain. Among other things, the strong endorsement of radiant heating during the design phase (supplemented by standard HVAC) has been a notable element of our satisfaction with the result of the design-build-live process.

Timed to our relocation from the New York area, three full-size tractor-trailers of house (per the manifest: “144,000 pounds of house” [not including windows]) was rail-piggy-backed from Washington State to Charlotte, then staged in two-hour intervals to arrive in Waynesville. Atlantic Custom Homes supervised every aspect of the unloading, checking each of many hundreds of items against the manifest as the materials were transshipped up the mountain in convoys of smaller trucks, all without incident or missing or damaged goods. Over the next ten months, competent teams of craftspeople erected our dream home “on a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country.”

The dirt road has since (and thankfully) been upgraded to asphalt, but the sunniness remains intact, and the bears tend to keep their distance (while leaving occasional physical evidence of their presence.) From house planning to house building, the degree of trust and confidence that we placed in the Atlantic Custom Homes team was at the highest level: We always had the sense that they kept our satisfaction 100% in mind, and our expectations have been exceeded. We enthusiastically recommend them for their ability to deliver “on time and as promised,” their wise and timely counsel on our every question, and the friendship that never compromised their professionalism. They are always our special houseguests when occasion brings them to Bear Country.

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Waynesville NC

We have wanted to build a Lindal house for 30 years

We started work with Atlantic Custom Homes several years ago with original plans to renovate an existing house.  They worked with us painstakingly to find a design that would work.  Ultimately, with their engineering guidance and support, we decided to go with an entirely new house and they again spent hours and hours with us coming up with a plan.  From start to finish they were incredibly patient, supportive and informative – with great suggestions for everything from design to builders and finishes.  We have wanted to build a Lindal house for 30 years and we finally have our dream come true.  They were absolutely THE BEST in helping us make it happen.  They are really special people with special talent!


A House Becomes A Home

I went to sleep one night and had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt of working with wonderful people; and of creating a truly special home, a home that would be a very personal expression of “me,” a home that would stand the test of time and let my soul live on long after I was gone. Only it wasn’t a dream! It was my very real new Lindal Cedar Home, most definitely created as a reflection of me, but also made so much more beautiful by you.

So many thanks for your professionalism, your ease, your care, your creativity, your can-do attitude… your hearts.


A Dream Come True

Atlantic Custom Homes did a tremendous job for me and my family regarding our new lake house built in Sheffield, MA. I have a fair amount of building experience and was able to understand procedures and details of the building process. However, it really was not needed because Atlantic Custom Homes was able to simplify the process and have me focus on the important decision points. I accepted most of their recommendations and was able to obtain building permits within a couple of months.

I was able to use Lindal’s in house architectural and engineering services and save a lot of time and money. Together we were able to define the “big picture” regarding my requirements and Lindal was able to “connect the dots” very efficiently and effectively. The quality of the building materials exceeded my high expectations. Many of these materials would not be available at the same quality level on the east coast. Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Please see for yourself!

Thanks for a great Job! I highly recommend your services.