OK, So What Does It Cost?

06 Sep OK, So What Does It Cost?

When I am shopping for a product or reading about it, my first question is the cost. When building and finishing a custom home, that should be your first question, since the entire project will depend on your budget. We believe we serve three clients: you, your site, and your budget.

There is a short cost answer and a long one. First of all, while we can predict what it will cost to build, equip and finish any of our Lindal Cedar Homes, we don’t know what you will be paying for the land, and we can’t estimate site work costs (excavating, driveway, septic, well) until we know the property. There is also leeway in finishing costs that will depend on the choices you make.

Back to the short answer: the total cost of building, powering and finishing your home, or “Turnkey” cost, will range upward from $300/SF for a typical 2500SF house. With our homes, that estimate includes everything needed for a nicely done house – the design, architecture, engineering, Lindal Materials Package, foundation, construction, HVAC, appliances, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, etc., except the cost of the land and at times the cost of site work.

The long answer: factors that affect cost include location, design type, choice of materials that are provided by Lindal (such as siding, windows, trim, doors, hardware), your choices of interior elements such as flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, appliances, fixtures), and size. Size matters because the larger the house, the more square feet to spread the cost of everything in the house, including the big ticket items such as foundation, kitchen & HVAC. Conversely, smaller houses have fewer SF to spread the cost, so the cost of each item that goes into the house has a greater effect on SF Turnkey cost. For example: a $1,000 refrigerator in a 2000SF house costs $0.50 per SF; in a 1000SF house it costs $1.00 per SF.

The most cost-effective of our designs are the Classic Lindals and the Lindal Elements, all allowing virtually unlimited customization. Our Lindal Architects Collaborative and Turkel Design Lindal homes offer greater architect involvement, generally at a higher cost, including up-front design fees. All of our homes share the same beautiful, high quality materials, and all are covered by the Lindal Lifetime Limited Structural Warranty.

As your local Lindal Dealer, once we learn more about your project we can drill down and more accurately predict total project cost. It’s our objective to help you build exactly what you want within your budget, so we guide you every step of the way – from finding land through finishing your home. We’re happy to discuss your project and visit your site, please call, email or visit us in Ossining, NY.